Friends of St. Michael's

Who are the Friends of St. Michael’s, Myland?

The Friends of St. Michael's, Myland is a group we are currently trying to set up; a group of volunteers who would like to ensure that the church building remains standing for future generations to enjoy.

The group's focus will be to help with the maintenance and repair of the fabric of our church building primarily through fundraising.

Why do you want a Friends group?

The existing St. Michael’s building has been here since 1854, but we now have a problem in that our beautiful Victorian church is showing signs of significant wear and tear.

Decades of exposure to the elements, and in particular 'acid' rain, have damaged the stonework, and the stained glass windows are bowing; just two issues of many that need specialist repair and protection.

We must raise about £40,000 to at least make good the structure over the next few years; although restoration and maintenance work will, of course, be an ongoing requirement as we move towards 2020 and beyond.

St. Michael's Church is not 'listed' and therefore does not have access to the usual heritage grants available for the protection of old buildings. We also do not receive any funding from the Government or any form of State aid; we have to find our own resources. The congregation digs deep to support this need, but the amount required exceeds even the fundraising undertaken by them.

You may be interested in reading St. Michael’s history pages for more information about the church.

Can anyone join?

That’s a big yes! We'd be delighted if people from beyond our Church do join in with this.

It may be that you are interested in history; or have happy memories of a baptism or wedding you came to here; or that you once lived in Myland and used to attend services at this church. Perhaps you walk through St. Michael’s churchyard every day; or simply appreciate the church as one of Myland's important landmarks. Whatever the reason, we are hoping to bring together people who have an interest in helping to protect this building.

What will be involved?

That’s a good question as the establishment of a Friends group for St. Michael’s is only at its early stages. However, as a Friend, you will be asked to donate a small annual sum (we suggest £25) that will go towards the cost of restorative work to the church building; and you will be kept updated regarding the work that has been undertaken once or twice a year.

Time wise, you can be involved in the Friends group as much or as little as you want to be, but we hope that our Friends will actively participate in the fundraising events that will eventually be organised; although we hope you will understand that these things take time to evolve.

As mentioned earlier, the group is only just starting to take shape, but we are very keen to invite people to join as soon as possible. In this way we can encourage others to give their thoughts and suggestions as to how best we should move forward.

We are also seeking Trustees for the Friends; people who have the skills and ability to raise funds socially and from Trust funding, as we would like the Friends to become an independent charity.

How do I join?

If you are interested in helping us to establish the Friends, become a Trustee or would just like to join, then please do contact us.

If you don’t feel able to commit to joining our Friends group but would still like to make a financial donation, we have recently launched our Restoration Appeal. Leaflets are being distributed by volunteers across the Parish of Myland about this, but if you don’t receive one or if you live outside Myland, please contact us with your name and address and we will arrange for a leaflet to be delivered to you.

We thank you for taking the time to consider this.