Newsletter 23rd August


Sunday 23rd August

This Sunday at 10:15am will be our fourth Sunday back after lockdown – and we’ve settled into a very efficient routine to safeguard everyone as we worship. Face coverings are required, of course (with the usual exceptions) – but one benefit of that is that there is plenty of room for everyone to attend and worship at the required distance! That works for Holy Communion too; it’s a blessing that we can share together. We still share the Peace, but only with a very happy wave from our seats! It’s also good to hear the piano and organ being played, even though we aren’t allowed to sing hymns yet – but we’ve just received more government guidance which states that Worship Groups can now restart – and wouldn’t it be great to see ours up front again? So expect news about that soon.

If you’ve been unable to join us in Church yet, we hope you’ve been watching the services on Facebook, which we hope to continue for a while longer. They’re streamed live at 10:15am on Sundays, but are available to be viewed at any time. Just click on these words and the page will appear. And if you do watch online, please leave a little comment – it’s really good to know you’re there, and are taking part from home until the day you are able to be with us in person.


36F97F4EWould you like more to watch online? Then don’t forget there’s the YouTube channel hosted by Sarah & Tim Hayward and family. It’s called Hayward’s Hope; a new video premieres at 9am every Sunday and they stay online to be viewed anytime. They are excellent, inspirational family viewing.


And the Church is not only open on Sundays. We’re here for Morning Prayer at 10:15am each Wednesday too – there is time for quiet contemplation as well as formal and informal prayers.



Here is the Daily Prayer Sheet, so that we all share prayers, a Psalm and a Bible reading as part of our daily devotions: /content/pages/documents/1597995055.pdf


Then there are our weekly Bible Study sessions, which take place on Zoom at 2:30pm and 7:30pm on Thursdays. We hope you’ll join us in the afternoon or evening, whichever is most convenient, for an informal hour learning more about the world’s most popular book – about the world’s most popular person! The Zoom meeting number and password are in the box on the left.



We assume that, when you worship at home, you don’t pass the offering plate around! Actually, we don’t do that in Church either, as the government says we shouldn’t, to prevent infection – so we ask everyone to place their offering in the jar at the back of the Church. The Church’s income is well down on what it should be; in fact, things are so bad that we can’t meet all our commitments. We thank everyone who is now contributing by Standing Order; that’s a tremendous help. If you would like to do that, or make a payment direct from your bank, here are the Church’s banking details:

Bank: Santander Sort Code: 09-01-55   Account Name: St Michaels Myland PCC Account Number: 53653601 Reference: Giving

Thank you, too, to everyone who delivered clothing to our Halls for the ‘Bag 2 School’ collection. All the effort was worth it – we have now received a cheque for £152.

If you have any ideas which would raise funds for the Church, just mention them to any of our Leaders, and the Church’s Fundraising Team will be delighted!



And finally…. A reflection

by Revd John Chandler

Heading off to the sun

It’s holiday time, and many will be thinking of heading off to foreign parts to enjoy the sunshine. Unfortunately, Covid-19 may have put a stop to that! I’ve also been reading about the Solar Orbiter, which has passed within 48 million miles of the sun and sent back superb pictures. That brings a new meaning to ‘heading off to the sun’! The probe withstood temperatures of 1400oC whilst keeping the internal equipment at 70oC. That in itself is wonderful technology. I gather going at night was not an option!

As the sun is central to life on earth in every way, it’s hardly surprising that there have been ‘sun worshippers’ for thousands of years before package holidays were invented. It’s easy to see why – it could be said that the sun is the one reliable source of heat, necessary for life, food, and even the regulation of work & sleep patterns. It is the most powerful object around. But that’s what it is – an object, like everything else – and we now know that it is one of many billions of suns in the known universe. To me, and to all who accept the existence of a Creator, it is an amazing indication of God’s greatness and power. So why worship an object in creation? Let’s worship the Creator.

The sun is mentioned 170 times in the Bible. 32 of those are in the book of Ecclesiastes, where King Solomon says that ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. The message is that everything we do is visible to God, who rules above all and that only He can have a balanced view of life, as it relates to nations and individuals. Jesus said that our heavenly Father ‘causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good’ indicating his nature of justice and love (Matthew 5:45). And in Revelation we read that there’ll be no need for a sun in heaven, because of the glory of God.

So let me ask: how big is your God? As we pray, we realise that He has the power to answer – and that in Jesus He proved His ultimate concern for everyone under the sun - including people whom we may consider insignificant. Such as ourselves! Plus, just as the sun constantly bathes the world in warmth and light, so there is no place or situation on earth that is beyond His influence. As we take time out from our work, why not make it your mission to journey to God – who is there for us any time of the day or night.

Yours in His name,

Ray, Hazel, Sarah, John, Lesley, Jill, Sarah