Newsletter 31st May



Happy birthday dear Church, happy birthday to you!

Yes, Pentecost is when we celebrate the birthday of the Church – the day Jesus promised would come, the day the whole Church was empowered by the Holy Spirit to ‘go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you’. And we also celebrate that we have Jesus’ promise: ‘Surely I am with you, to the very end of the age’ (Matthew 28:19-20). So let’s see lots of happy faces at our Zoom service on Sunday morning at 10:15am (meeting number 474-970-7143 and password 2820). Last Sunday was certainly a happy time, as you can see from the picture…. but it might have been something Hazel said!


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Afternoon Tea on Wednesday at 4pm 

We also had a good chat last Wednesday – so join us again this week at 4pm to share news, and just to enjoy seeing one another’s faces. Communication is important, especially right now!

Organ project begins

We may not be allowed into Church for worship, but Contractors can start work under controlled conditions – so we’re pleased to say that the renovation of our Church organ has begun. We’ve been planning it, and raising money for it, for a couple of years, and now that we’re able to do it, this is a really good time to take this opportunity to get it done. It’s currently in bits, as you can see.



Friends of St. Michael’s

This could be a good moment to remind us all that we have an organisation called ‘Friends of St. Michael’s. It’s for everyone who cares about our Church building, so that we can make sure it is kept in good condition to be enjoyed for future generations. The exterior and the interior are both showing signs of wear and tear, and whether it’s to reverse the effects of acid rain or the many years of happy worship, every repair has to be done professionally – so lots of money is always needed. To join the Friends we suggest an annual donation of £25, which can be sent to The Friends Secretary, Friends of St. Michael’s, Myland Parish Halls, Mile End Road CO4 5DY. Or email us, and we’ll take it from there!

Fundraising in lockdown


While we’re on the topic of money, many of us are doing more online shopping these days. Did you know that you can raise money for St. Michael’s as you do that? Over 4,000 retailers are part of this scheme, and all you have to do is:

  1. Click here to go to our page on the easyfundraising website
  2. Click on ‘support this cause’ and create an account
  3. Download the ‘donation reminder’ onto your browser
  4. Shop as normal, and we will receive a free donation for every purchase you make!

As Half-Term ends…..

We’ll be praying for children and teachers, plus parents who will start being teachers again at home, now that the Half-Term holiday is ending. Whether or not children can get back to school soon, you’ll be looking to keep them busy. So why not surf to Spring Harvest Home  Half-Term Special, where there are lots of resources which will stay online.


cid:image017.png@01D61D87.6CB9E180Hayward’s Hope

The YouTube channel run by Sarah, Tim and family continues to be a wonderful family resource, full of inspiration and encouragement. New videos are premiered every week – make sure that you keep up with them here!


The PCC ‘meet’ on 10th June

Agenda papers have gone out for a meeting of the Church Council on the evening of Wednesday 10th June. It will happen on Zoom – for the first time ever – and at the moment it has quite a short agenda. But you could do something about that! If there’s any topic that you think we should be discussing that night, let us know, and we will make sure your comments are included.


Bishop Peter’s Pentecost Address


Rt Revd Peter Hill, Bishop of Barking and Acting Bishop of Chelmsford, has recorded a short message for Pentecost, which is well worth viewing. Click here or on his photo. Please also pray for him as he chairs Diocesan Synod this Saturday – another ‘zooming’ first, when hundreds of delegates including our own Ray will fill the screens to debate issues which are vitally important to all the Churches in the Diocese. Ray will report back to us afterwards.

And finally…. A community update

from Revd Lynsey Heslegrave, Community Pastor, New Growth Ministry, Myland and Team Leader, MakeLunch Myland

Hi all,

I wanted to share an update on the work of MakeLunch Myland as we respond to the impact of coronavirus in the Myland area.

Firstly, there has been an amazing response to our recent call for food and financial donations from the local community. I want to say a huge thank you to those in Myland churches who have responded. If you feel you might be able to help with this then please contact me (Lynsey) on 07887 793610.

The great news is we are now being put forward for two grants, which, if successful, will mean we can carry on supporting families throughout this crisis and its aftermath, which will be affecting families well into the future. We have continued to receive a good amount of surplus from Asda and Elaine, Asda’s Community Champion, is now able to allocate food donations directly to groups tackling holiday hunger. This is fantastic news for us at MakeLunch, as that was the reason MakeLunch was set up in the first place. The History Makers Foundation, who funded two summer outings in previous years, are going to donate some veg boxes for our families too. Foodbank has also been able to share stock with us, mostly when they have had bulk deliveries of items from local businesses.

We’ve been able to make up Boxes of Hope for our families for both the Easter and May Half-Term  holidays. These contain a selection of foods, toiletries and cleaning products. On top of this, our existing 13 MakeLunch families are getting fairly regular deliveries of Asda surplus, which we top up with some of the longer date stock we’re collecting. One primary school is now referring new families to us. Over the past few weeks we have had 9 new families who have each received a big Box of Hope plus fresh fruit, veg, bread, eggs and cheese. The school still has more families to refer and are giving us a few more every week or so and we will be able to include most of these families in our regular deliveries of surplus.

For Half-Term we’ve been delivering MakeLunch cookbooks, which Di Thompson and I have been working on. Di is our lead cook for MakeLunch Myland and everyone really enjoys her meals, so we’re making sure all our families have her recipes to try cooking together at home. We’re also having a half-term macaroni cheese challenge. Our families will have received all the ingredients for Di’s macaroni cheese, along with a half term parcel, and they will hopefully share photos of their meals.

It’s so lovely seeing everyone when I’m delivering, especially to see how they are coping and doing fantastic jobs with their kids despite so many challenges. It’s also inspiring to see the incredible support our families are being to each other. I know it’s not just the food, but the face to face contact, distanced doorstep conversations, chats on the phone and texts which all make a difference. To be able to be the friendly face of the church in Myland is a such a privilege and I hope it is showing to our community the heart of Jesus who so often expressed God’s love through sharing food.

I want to thank all the congregations of Churches Together in Myland for providing the supportive environment for this ministry to happen in our community.

God bless!



Yours in His name,

Ray, Hazel, Sarah, John, Lesley, Jill, Sarah