Life can be busy, joyful, exciting, and emotionally and physically draining; but how often do we allow it to be calm, peaceful, meditative - and still?

Finding time to experience 'quietness' is viewed as a luxury in today's hectic world; yet we think it is a necessity: something we should make a conscious effort to do. We all need time to stop; to be silent; to reflect on things that are important to us - faith, family, fellowship, our life journey...

In our Reflections Library we share our thoughts on these sorts of issues, which we hope you will enjoy reading. We aim to add a Reflection(s) every month, so there should always be something new for you to read. We’ll keep them on here for as long as possible in case you miss any or would like to return to them at a later date.

You may like to read through one or more of these Reflections then find a quiet place to sit and think about them. Do they mean anything to you? Do you feel inspired? Or challenged? Is there something you can take from them and use in your life?

When you have spent a while reflecting, just take a few minutes to 'be still' - and in your peace, feel the presence of God: for He is with you - always.