Christmas Prayer

The joy of discovery
that moment 
when hope and expectation 
were gloriously met 
by the illumination of one bright star. 
We cannot imagine 
what words were spoken by visitors 
or if first impressions 
left them somewhat confused. 
Messiah, Saviour, a King 
born in the barest of palaces. 
Yet they saw and fell down 
on their knees in adoration. 
Lord, they saw you and knew 
whom they had met.
As we meet around crib 
candle or advent wreath 
draw us into that stable 
in our imagination. 
In the quiet moments of prayer 
this Christmas, that brief oasis 
from the bustle of the world
bring alive to us 
the smell of the hay 
the sound of the animals 
the cry of a baby. 
Draw us close to our Saviour 
Messiah and King as we bring 
not Gold, Myrrh or Frankincense 
but the gift of our lives 
the only offering we can bring.