One Prayer

A prayer from me to God, and from God to me:

Lord Jesus, You are the Holy One.
You are the One and only Son of the Father.
You are the One whom we adore, worship and serve.
You are deserving of our obedience
and the object of our love.

Yet, Lord,
You are the One who came to earth for me.
I am the one you came to save.
Yes, you died for us all,
but I know that if I were the only one needing You
You would still have died for me.
And your love for me is complete.

Therefore, Lord, I pray to you,
your servant to the Servant King,
and you speak to me
person to person,
One to one.

May I be forever part
of the Father’s answer to Your prayer:
“That they may be one, Father,
as We are One”.