Daily Prayers for March 2020

Prayer is at the centre of our Christian faith. It is when we spend time with God telling Him of our love for Him; giving thanks; asking for forgiveness; sharing our worries, concerns and frustrations; asking for guidance and help; and praying particularly for others, especially for those who are suffering in some way or facing particular challenges – for healing, for peace or for release from the burdens that they carry. 

You may like to follow the Church of England's Daily Prayers (services for Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer); and we have a special prayer for St. Michael's, and a One Prayer: from me to God and from God to me. There is also some information about our prayernet.

At St. Michael’s we also use our prayer diary (below) to include in our prayers. These daily suggestions are usually about our Church and the Myland community, but sometimes include national and international issues too. We invite you to join us in using this diary; and may the Lord answer your prayers.

Please also remember in your prayers all those mentioned on our St. Michael’s Prayer Cross. Our Prayer Cross is in the north-west corner of the church nave. You are always welcome to place on our Prayer Cross the name of someone who is particularly in need of our prayers, or you may like to contact us and we will add their name for you.

You can find more about prayer at St. Michael's on our Prayer Meetings page.

You may like to include the following in your daily prayers this month:

Pray for those whose lives have been shattered by the effects of severe
weather and natural disasters; may they receive the help they need from their governments, community leaders and neighbours. 

Pray for the people of Zimbabwe who have prepared this year’s World Day of
Prayer service (WDP), and for their country and the ongoing challenges they face.  Pray too for those leading and helping with the WDP service to be held here at St. Michael’s. (Friday 6th March)

Pray for the Mothers’ Union who organise and prepare the Lent Lunches being held at St. Michael’s this month, and for those who support the lunches.  Give thanks for the food that is served. 

Pray for those in need of food, clothing and shelter; and give thanks and pray for the people and charities who help them, such as Christian Aid, MAF, The Salvation Army, Beacon House and the Colchester Food Bank.

Pray for hospital staff and patients; for care home staff and residents; for
people receiving care in their home and care workers; for paramedics, doctors, dentists, police officers, fire officers and all who protect and care for us.


Cut out and keep

Loving God,

We give thanks for all who care for us,
who have encouraged us and helped us grow,
who have forgiven us,
and cared for us when we were unwell,
who have supported us when times were hard,
who have challenged us,
who have told us about you.
Nurturing God, we give you thanks. Amen.

(From: - Prayers for Mothering Sunday)