Daily Prayers for June 2019

Prayer is at the centre of our Christian faith. It is when we spend time with God telling Him of our love for Him; giving thanks; asking for forgiveness; sharing our worries, concerns and frustrations; asking for guidance and help; and praying particularly for others, especially for those who are suffering in some way or facing particular challenges – for healing, for peace or for release from the burdens that they carry. 

You may like to follow the Church of England's Daily Prayers (services for Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer); and we have a special prayer for St. Michael's, and a One Prayer: from me to God and from God to me. There is also some information about our prayernet.

At St. Michael’s we also use our prayer diary (below) to include in our prayers. These daily suggestions are usually about our Church and the Myland community, but sometimes include national and international issues too. We invite you to join us in using this diary; and may the Lord answer your prayers.

Please also remember in your prayers all those mentioned on our St. Michael’s Prayer Cross. Our Prayer Cross is in the north-west corner of the church nave. You are always welcome to place on our Prayer Cross the name of someone who is particularly in need of our prayers, or you may like to contact us and we will add their name for you.

You can find more about prayer at St. Michael's on our Prayer Meetings page.

You may like to include the following in your daily prayers this month:

Give thanks for the love and care of our Heavenly Father.


Pray for the special men in your life;

for those who are fatherly to us here on earth.

Remember those who are no longer with us.

Give thanks for them all.


Pray for students who are studying for and sitting their exams;

may they have the love and support they need to cope with the pressure.

Pray for teachers and examiners too.


Pray for those who are going through difficult times,

for those in poor health, at end of life or who are bereaved.

Ask that they may find comfort, strength and healing,

and know that our loving Lord is with them always.


Eternal Life

To all who are down, unable to stand, we bring the uplifting of God.

To those depressed, and in the dark, we bring the uplifting of God.

To those who are weary, unable to cope, we bring the uplifting of God.

To all whose powers wane and lose hope, we bring the uplifting of God.

May almighty God, who descended the depths, lift you up into light and glory.


The terminus is not where we stay; it is the beginning of a new journey.

It is where we reach out beyond, where we experience new adventures.

It is where we get off to enter new territory, to explore new horizons, to extend our whole being. It is a place for touching the future.

It opens up new vistas.  It is the gateway to eternity.

From Celtic Prayers by David Adam (David was Vicar of Holy Island, Lindisfarne, for 13 years)