Daily Prayers for October 2019

Prayer is at the centre of our Christian faith. It is when we spend time with God telling Him of our love for Him; giving thanks; asking for forgiveness; sharing our worries, concerns and frustrations; asking for guidance and help; and praying particularly for others, especially for those who are suffering in some way or facing particular challenges – for healing, for peace or for release from the burdens that they carry. 

You may like to follow the Church of England's Daily Prayers (services for Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer); and we have a special prayer for St. Michael's, and a One Prayer: from me to God and from God to me. There is also some information about our prayernet.

At St. Michael’s we also use our prayer diary (below) to include in our prayers. These daily suggestions are usually about our Church and the Myland community, but sometimes include national and international issues too. We invite you to join us in using this diary; and may the Lord answer your prayers.

Please also remember in your prayers all those mentioned on our St. Michael’s Prayer Cross. Our Prayer Cross is in the north-west corner of the church nave. You are always welcome to place on our Prayer Cross the name of someone who is particularly in need of our prayers, or you may like to contact us and we will add their name for you.

You can find more about prayer at St. Michael's on our Prayer Meetings page.


You may like to include the following in your daily prayers this month:

Give thanks for a bountiful harvest from fields, allotments and gardens; for the plentiful supplies in shops and supermarkets; for all that God provides for us.

Pray for the farmers, fishermen, smallholders and all who raise, grow, catch and prepare the food we eat; may they have the resources they need to tend their responsibilities with care.

Pray for those who have struggled with their harvest, and those who are facing challenging times in their work; may they find the support they need to
overcome the difficulties they face.

Pray for organisations who provide food and other relief for those in need, including Beacon House, the Colchester Foodbank, Mothers’ Union,
Samaritan’s Purse and MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship); may they be guided in the help they provide.

Pray for those in need due to natural disasters, violence and war, and those who have inadequate shelter and little or no income for other reasons; may they be raised up out of their poverty, and may governments around the world work together to eradicate poverty for ever.



Daily Bread

We pray ‘give us this day our daily bread’,

yet we know, Lord, that there are many in our world

who go to bed hungry each day.

Your world has enough, but whilst a few have much,

many have nothing.

We are your hands in this world, your eyes, your ears.

May we through our lives and our understanding

help to bring your daily bread to all of your people.  Amen.

(From: Mothers’ Union - The Prayers We Breathe)