Bridal party outside the churchIf you have arrived at this page because you have decided to become husband and wife, may we offer our heartiest congratulations! We wish you a joyous and memorable wedding day, and a long, happy and fulfilled marriage.

We believe that a decision to hold the service in Church, seeking God’s blessing, is the best start your marriage can have. Indeed, marriage is a gift from God, and we at St. Michael’s are committed to supporting you as you prepare for your wedding and as you set out on the adventure of your future life together.

You have lots to do, and it’s so difficult to know where to start! But once you’ve told family and friends your wonderful news, and they’ve all asked to see the engagement ring, their next question will be: “When are you getting married?”! Even that decision will often depend on where the wedding will take place – you’ll want to speak to the people at the Church, and also to the venue for your reception, without delay!

So please do contact us at the Church Office.

But right now, you probably have lots of questions in your mind. Let's see if we can anticipate a few! Use the sidebar menu to navigate through the various questions listed there: the answers will appear at the click of your mouse! (If you are viewing this on our mobile site, then use the drop-down menus).

Wedding photograph reproduced by kind permission of David Islip Photography