Community Pastor

During the period when New Braiswick Park was being built, the development had a dedicated Community Pastor - Revd Rosie Tallowin. In September 2014, Rosie moved to become Vicar in the Harwich Peninsula Team Ministry.

Rosie's role was always planned to be a medium-term one, during the time the development was being completed; and now that's the case, it's time for the Church in Myland to manage our ministry to New Braiswick Park in a rather different way. We still have the Community Room, of course, as a base for community activities, and the clergy and staff of the Parish of Myland remain committed to the well-being of all who live here.

Here are the main contact details:

Myland Parish Church Office
Myland Parish Halls
Mile End Road
Tel: 01206 228124

office @

Revd Ray Gibbs  01206 843926

Revd John Chandler  01206 366930