Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday in 2020 will be on 22nd March and, as always, we will hold a special service at 10.15am on that day to celebrate, including the distribution of pretty posies made by the brownies and guides, and special Mothering Sunday cards prepared by Mothers' Union, Myland.

Make a Mother's Day

Mothering Sunday is when we give thanks for mothers, grandmothers and the other special ladies in our lives who have cared for us. We buy them flowers, chocolates or other gifts - and if we are feeling especially generous, they may even receive breakfast served in bed!

Yet there are many women in the UK and around the world who do not experience the pleasure of any of these luxuries. For them, life is a daily struggle as they fight to meet even the basic needs for their families.

'Make a Mother's Day' is an initiative of the Mothers' Union (M.U.) which encourages us to remember and support families facing difficulties wherever they live in the world. The idea is to buy an ethical gift for someone, or in memory of someone; a gift that will help those in need to improve the lives of their families and communities by giving them the essential resources to do so.

If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, or would like to make a donation to it, please take a look at