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Myland Parish Halls
Take a tour

Welcome to Myland Parish Halls! Our tour will take you through the main entrance, around the reception area, into the Large Hall, the Small hall, the kitchen and upstairs to the Board Room. Feel free to ask questions on the way - by emailing us, of course!


You'll approach the Halls from Mile End Road, and then follow a path through the Churchyard or from the narrow roadway which lead to the Halls; the entrance is on the North side, facing the Church. The porch facing Mile End Road is no longer an entrance, as it would lead only to the Large Hall.

Just inside the door is the Welcome Area, which is open to the public when the Halls are in operation. It is also the location of the Colchester Food Bank Hub which operates on Tuesdays and Friday mornings from 8:30am until noon.

Also in the Welcome Area is a Tea Point, for the use of Hall Users and Visitors, and ample toilet facilities too.

The Large Hall can accommodate 100 people in meeting format, or 80 people sat at tables. The high ceiling, revealing the original 1871 construction, is well-lit; central heating radiators are controlled centrally. There are plenty of tables, and some of the chairs are padded for comfort. There are three toilets accessible only from the Large Hall.

There is access to the kitchen from both the Large and Small Halls, though use  is usually reserved for one group at a time. The kitchen is fitted with a large oven and fridge, with ample utensils, crockery and cutlery. There is space for food preparation, a double sink and hand-washing sink. There is extractor fan and an emergency exit.

The Small Hall can accommodate up to 30 people, in meeting or table format, with access to the kitchen. Chairs and tables are provided. There is under-floor central heating, so many users find that they can spread out for exercise - which whilst comfortable and convenient, reduces the Hall's capacity. There are storage facilities attached to this room, which are available to all users of the Halls.

Upstairs is the Church Office and the Board Room,

which is available to hire for meetings of up to 12 people. Lighting is augmented by Velux windows. The whiteboard can also be used as a projection screen. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Myland Parish Halls.

It will be a pleasure to show you round the Halls in person: feel free to contact our Bookings Manager. 

Booking line:

01206 855040


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