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The St. Michael's Team

Associate Vicar

Reverend Hazel Greenland



Lesley Hindle


Elected Deanery Synod Representative

June Chandler


Parochial Church Council (PCC)

Priest-in-Charge: Reverend Raymond Gibbs (Chair)

Associate Priest: Reverend Hazel Greenland

Churchwarden: Lesley Hindle

Deputy Churchwardens: Kevin Hindle, Roger Smith, Sue Smith

PCC Secretary: Acting Secretary Sarah King

Elected Deanery Synod Representative: June Chandler

Elected Church members:

Jill Bollen, Joe Richardson, Andy Ayton


Sanctuary Assistants

Andy Ayton, Mark Riches, Diana Swan


Holy Communion Assistants

Andy Ayton, Sue Chamberlain, Ivy Dix, Jayne Merrick, Roger Smith



Jayne Merrick



Jill Bollen, Margaret Brown, Sue Chamberlain, Kevin Hindle, Anne Salmon, Roger Smith, Sue Smith, Sheila Wilson


Church Projector Team

Emma Kingston, Justin Rowan, Revd Hazel Greenland, Suzanne Price


Music Accompaniment

Joe Richardson, John Barratt


Office Administrator

Sarah King


and, of course, every member of the congregation!

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