What else should we be thinking about?

Don't worry; we'll ask you when we see you - but you could consider:

  • What time would you like the wedding to start? Make sure the light will still be good for photographs afterwards!

  • Are you going to have an Order of Service printed? We’ll advise you on the best way to approach that. Or you can use ours.

  • Would you like us to ring the church bells?

  • Have you booked a photographer? We'll make sure he gets the best shots!

  • Will you be having the service videoed? There are copyright matters to consider.

  • Will you be providing flowers to decorate the church? We can advise you on what will look good.

  • How many bridesmaids, ushers & page boys will you have?

  • Who’s your “best man”, and is anyone "giving away" the bride?

  • How many people are likely to attend (useful for reserving seats etc)?

  • What time will the reception start? Is there just the right time in between the service and the reception, for photographs, travel, etc?